Saturday, October 4, 2008

Out on the other side

After Tuesday's movement of all of my possessions onto a truck, my flight out to Seattle, and some drama with a burglar alarm that is now dead, I'm comfortably ensconced in the upper bedroom of an empty house. Starbucks 5 minutes away, 2 groceries and the bank within walking distance, I'm getting to know a relatively mellow neighborhood.

I also saw a couple of these birds bathing in our backyard teeny fountain on Weds:

Pretty, isn't it? My friend Lee in CA sez that it's a Steller's Jay, and Wikipedia apparently agrees, since that's where I got the picture.

More tales to follow, but for now I need to work on some cover letters for the long slog thru a job search.


Anonymous said...

Great update. My e-mail's down today, so I really enjoyed hearing how things are going.

Hang on in there!--

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are in a great location. I cannot wait to come on out and visit sometime.
Love Auntie Liz

Rachel said...

Liz, you and the clan are welcome any time!

Liz Westen said...

Thank you!! I'll be there tomorrow!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Rachel said...

Wait 'til we get furniture first! You'll be a lot more comfortable.