Friday, October 17, 2008

Networking fail, but interesting atmos

So Steve pointed me to a networking op at a place called Office Nomads--an office for freelancers that rents space by the day and the month. They accommodate all kinds of freelancers--writers, urban planners, photographers, designers, programmers, etc. I meandered around, sipping a glass of wine and looking for some openings into conversation before chickening out and leaving. Lame, I know. I did find out that they have free drop ins on the first Monday of every month--so I'll go back then and give it another shot. As I was walking out and heading toward the bus one of the women who'd been there passed me and complimented my boots. Guess I should've hung around a tad more, could've sparked some chitchat with a little extra effort...oh well.

It probably didn't help that I was suffering from epic bus confusion on the way down--kept getting on busses going the wrong direction. S was on the phone, doing the web searches and helping me navigate, but when you're on the ground the the busses keep going in loops instead of heading in a specific direction it can get pretty damn confusing. Doesn't help that I'm not *used* to being disoriented in a city...and I hate getting lost. Hate it.

That being said, I got down there eventually, and had no issues getting home. I have to get the hell over myself and be more free about checking with bus drivers when I get on the bus to make sure I'm going in the right direction. All the drivers I've talked to seem more than accomodating to tell the truth.

On the bright side, I saw this on the bus going downtown:

Cute, huh? Just sittin' there on this shoulder, wiggling his nose and staring at us.

Rabbits seem to be popular pets in this city. I saw one at a farmer's market last weekend, and on the way home last night I saw another guy with a pet bunny in a cage. He ended up chatting with a fellow passenger for a good 20 minutes about how much he loves his rabbits, and how mellow they are.

Ok, nuff blogging for now, gotta get back to the cover letters. Will try to take a hike this weekend, hopefully I'll have more pix to share from that.


Liz Westen said...

I don't know where my comment from yesterday is so I'll try again. I said that when I am up at Tine's and we take Izzy for a walk, sometimes we see a lady with a parrot on her shoulder out walking too. You never know what you will see while out and about. I am sure too that your networking thing will be OK. Sounds like it was a good place to go and you got wine too?!?!?!? not bad. And you'll figure the bus system out. You haven't been there that long. So hang in there!!

Rachel said...

Thanks auntie Liz! I've had 2 good bus experiences since then, so I'm starting to get the hang of slowly getting the hang of it, which is good. I'll have to come up so I can see that parrot sometime--never mind the palatial Westen manor.