Monday, September 29, 2008

boxes, boxes, boxes

Oy. So the packers came today and boxed up everything I hadn't boxed up already...nice guys, very efficient. Of course I was kinda basket-casey watching everything be bundled into cardboard, and was indebted to Alison, who came over to hang out, do apartment surveys with me to monitor the growth of boxed-up possessions, and keep me on an even keel. We spent a lot of time in the bedroom while one of the guys (abt age 30 at the oldest) was packing things, and he'd chime in every once in a while. It ended up coming out over time that he'd been with the first crew of soldiers to go into Iraq. Pretty amazing stuff--we kept it superficial, asking about how hot it got, and how long he was there. Apparently he'd been in Kuwait on standard tour of duty, and when he was on the plane, the whole crew was informed that instead of going home they were going to Iraq.

We talked about the debate some, about Barack (who he seemed to support) and McCain, who he'd had respect for but was disappointed by. He was quite shaken by the fact that was revealed in the debate that the US borrowed more than $300 billion from China for the war. "It doesn't make sense," he kept repeating.

Went to Grimaldi's tonite with Greg and Sophie. We stood in line and were brought in ahead of a lot of others b/c we were a party of 4 who would easily fill up a table. Had my first pizza with anchovies tonite--Y.U.M! Thanx, Soph!

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