Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Main Branch of the Seattle Public Library

It's official. I'm in love. I've been here once before, but only as a visitor, not a card-carrying member. Now that I have my very own card I can browse the halls of this noble establishment for hours, dare I say a full day, comfortable in the knowledge that I can check out anything I want.

Ok, I know I sound like a total geek. But this isn't just an architectural oddity--it's huge, its collection is equally vast, quirky, and enjoyable, and it's the most browsable library I've ever been in. Floors 6-9 have massive walkways that slowly spiral downward, so you can walk the 3 floors without effort, grazing thru the perimeter of a large chunk of their collection.

Here's one of the reading rooms. You'd think that the open space and industrial look would be kinda foreboding (or at least I would) but it's a very welcoming, quiet space.


e said...

live there....

~ Eva

Rachel said...

There will definitely be days where I do. I've always *enjoyed* the library, but have never fallen hard for one before. It's very spacious and very comfortable, which is an architectural marvel in itself.