Monday, November 3, 2008

The election's tomorrow.

The election's tomorrow! The ELECTION IS TOMORROW!!!

Fucking finally. And yet, I'm terrified...I refuse to think anything is in the bag until it's over. God, it seems almost impossible, doesn't it? This thing has been going on FOR. EVER.

Gotta say tho, I'm damn proud to have Obama as a candidate. No matter what happens tomorrow, this has been a true political watershed for this country. I just hope the momentum continues. We all need to take a week to breathe again and get some sleep. And then the real work begins. Obama's been talking a lot about new plans for governmental transparency and accountability--we'd better take full advantage of that in the years ahead, if he wins.

Oh God I hope he wins.

See you on the other side.



Liz Westen said...

In the UK they have elections and it only takes 6 weeks. Our whole campaign "season" lasts way too long and costs too much. I will be glad when this one is over.

Handel said...

That felt like the ending to the Star Wars trilogy!!

The East Village was partying like New Year's with firecrackers and honking cars and spontaneous bursts of cheering. A friend tells me Williamsburg was going nuts like Mardi Gras.


Hope things are great where you are ... I like the pictures you are posting here by the way

Rachel said...

Hey Handel!

I saw some of the footage on YouTube from the East awesome. Glad you were in the thick of it...we were absorbing it all from home and missed the hullaballoo in downtown Seattle. There were parties downtown viewing the results as they came in, but that's too suspenseful for me, I just can't take it.